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Orientation Camp 2018

The Orientation Camp serves as an invaluable opportunity for the newly-admitted students to get along with current students of the RMBI family and to prepare for their lives in HKUST. Students played ice-breaking games, mass games and a Detective Game. They also danced merrily to campfire songs and enjoyed the on-campus and off-campus tracing activities. Most importantly, the camp helped students build strong bonding with each other and allowed them to kickstart their University life in a happy way.

Future Hunting Series 2018

RMBISA Investment Workshop 已經喺 11 月 6 號圓滿完成!同學仔玩得好投入,對基金、股票、債券、貸款等等嘅概念有更深入嘅認識。 好多謝 AXA 專程嚟科大同我哋舉辦呢次活動,令同學接觸到投資嘅秘訣同技巧!

Future Hunting Series 第二擊嘅 Career Development Workshop 喺 11 月 13 號順利舉行。 各位同學喺AXA嘅分享入面,對生涯規劃有好多唔同嘅啟發,亦對財務策畫多咗認識。

喺11月27號,Future Hunting 系列嘅 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Firm Visit 終於圓滿進行! 大家入到一間 accounting firm 參觀,對職場環境同商業世界都應該了解咗更多,希望咁多位參加者都有所獲益。

Society Gathering 2018

2018 年 11 月 21 號 ─── 一個月黑風高嘅晚上...... 我哋 RMBISA 嘅 Subcom function 圓滿落幕喇! 今年 Society Gathering 以 Harry Potter 為題,一班 Subcom 帶領住一班充滿勇氣嘅參加者,進入咗 RMBI 魔法與巫術學院 ,分成四個學社大玩特玩!Member 們同朋友聚首一堂,一齊歷險,玩咗三個刺激嘅遊戲, 又睇到魔法學徒嘅精彩舞蹈,仲抽到好多靚靚禮物,同埋欣賞到學院入面精心佈置嘅裝飾, 大家都好盡興好開心,仲影咗好多靚相添!好期待下次再同大家一齊玩!