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RMBI Inauguration Ceremony 2019

The Inauguration Ceremony of Risk Management and Business Intelligence Students' Association, HKUSTSU Session 2019 - 2020 will be held on 11th April, 2019 at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Lecture Theatre J. The Inauguration Ceremony highlights the speechs from our honorable guests, introduces the proposed cabinet, Aegis, oath taking and become the new excecutive cabinet. There will be guests from different industry, facalties and students' association in other school. Thanks to all the sponsors, the inauguration Ceremony are able to be well prepared and will held sucessful. click here to see all the sponsors of the Inauguration Ceremony.

Past Events

2018 年 11 月 21 號 ─── 一個月黑風高嘅晚上...... 我哋 RMBISA 嘅 Subcom function 圓滿落幕喇! 今年 Society Gathering 以 Harry Potter 為題,一班 Subcom 帶領住一班充滿勇氣嘅參加者,進入咗 RMBI 魔法與巫術學院 ,分成四個學社大玩特玩!Member 們同朋友聚首一堂,一齊歷險,玩咗三個刺激嘅遊戲, 又睇到魔法學徒嘅精彩舞蹈,仲抽到好多靚靚禮物,同埋欣賞到學院入面精心佈置嘅裝飾, 大家都好盡興好開心,仲影咗好多靚相添!好期待下次再同大家一齊玩!

RMBISA Investment Workshop 已經喺 11 月 6 號圓滿完成!同學仔玩得好投入,對基金、股票、債券、貸款等等嘅概念有更深入嘅認識。 好多謝 AXA 專程嚟科大同我哋舉辦呢次活動,令同學接觸到投資嘅秘訣同技巧!

Future Hunting Series 第二擊嘅 Career Development Workshop 喺 11 月 13 號順利舉行。 各位同學喺AXA嘅分享入面,對生涯規劃有好多唔同嘅啟發,亦對財務策畫多咗認識。

喺11月27號,Future Hunting 系列嘅 PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Firm Visit 終於圓滿進行! 大家入到一間 accounting firm 參觀,對職場環境同商業世界都應該了解咗更多,希望咁多位參加者都有所獲益。

The RMBISA held the Orientation Week (O' Week) by setting up a counter in the Atrium. Many students dropped by our counter to buy our welfare pack and welfare products, including society paper, society T-shirts, water bottles and slippers. They also registered as Members of the Association and learnt much more about the RMBISA, including our Executive Committee Members and the functions throughout the year.

The Orientation Camp serves as an invaluable opportunity for the newly-admitted students to get along with current students of the RMBI family and to prepare for their lives in HKUST. Students played ice-breaking games, mass games and a Detective Game. They also danced merrily to campfire songs and enjoyed the on-campus and off-campus tracing activities. Most importantly, the camp helped students build strong bonding with each other and allowed them to kickstart their University life in a happy way.

The Welcoming Day is a platform for newly admitted Year 2 RMBI students to meet each other as well as other RMBI students. Being a co-organizer of this event held by the RMBI Programs Office, the RMBISA has invited Prof. Raymond Wong, Director of the RMBI Program, to deliver an introduction of the program. TSUI Tsz Him, Anson, a current Year 3 student, also shared his experiences in the program. Moreover, the RMBISA has also designed and held games for the students on the day. Students had great fun and learnt more about each other and their major.

The 7th Inauguration marked the commencement of duty of the 7th Executive Committee. We are grateful to have had a few Honourable Guests to deliver speeches for us, including Prof. Raymond Wong, Director of the Risk Management and Business Intelligence (RMBI) program. The Executive Committee will always bear in mind what they have pledged to do in their oath - to ‘full devote ourselves to the Association’.

Frequently Asked Questions

Risk management refers to the practice of identifying potential risks in advance, analyzing them, and taking precautionary steps to mitigate losses. The recent sub-prime crisis and financial tsunami show solid evidence of the catastrophic consequence of mismanaged risk. Business intelligence is a new discipline consisting of a set of methodologies and processes to analyze business data in order to improve an organization's decision making, business planning and projection. To assess and minimize risk effectively, it may be necessary to analyze and manage the growing volume of business data. Business intelligence approaches have commonly been used to establish the early-warning system for monitoring a company's financial status.
---From HKUST RMBI program

  • To promote the study and applications of risk management and business intelligence

  • To promote unity, friendship and the sense of belonging among members

  • To promote general welfare for members

  • To build up a positive image for the program of Risk Management and Business Intelligence

  • To extend and strengthen our linkages with other clubs and societies in the sphere of academic, social and cultural activities

  • To extend our linkages with the industry

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