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The 6th Inauguration Ceremony


The 6th Inauguration Ceremony, which symbolizes the commencement of the functions held by the association in session 2017-2018, was successfully held on 7th April, 2017.

This year, the theme of the 6th Inauguration Ceremony of the RMBISA is “Permeate with Tenacity”. “Permeate” depicts penetrating or diffusing into the surroundings while “Tenacity” describes the spirit of perseverance. It represents the vision and the faith of our society to hold on regardless of future adversities, and that we would fly high with strong convictions. The 6th Executive Committee members of the RMBISA pledge to serve all RMBI students and members with diligence in the coming year.

Apart from promoting the RMBI program to students and external parties, they tend to cater for the needs and interests of members and students by organising innovative activities to serve members in academic, career and recreational prospects.